Pikseli Virtuaalipuisto

Pikseli Arcade

Pikseli Arcade is the first virtual reality park in the Nordic countries. Virtual reality is an easily approachable, versatile way to experience amazing things that are not possible in the real world.

Take a trip to the most beautiful places in the world, skydive down from the top of a skyscraper, or battle in a zombie apocalypse with your friends!

We also provide services for events such as company events and meetings, birthday parties and bachelor parties. Our selection includes several multiplayer games, which are fun to experience together with your friends!

Experience everything you’ve always wanted – Adventures are waiting for you in virtual reality!

We are located at Ratina`s corner, first floor between Vepsäläinen and Puustelli. We have 2 entrances, one at inside the mall and second one outside from Suvantokatu.

Opening hours

Mon By appointment
Tue-Thu 14-20
Fri-Sat 12-21
Sun 12-18

Exceptional opening hours
  • Closed
  • Closed
  • 14-20

Location in the Mall

1st floor