More Tea

More Tea

Bubble tea culture originated from Taiwan in 1980s. Usually, the imported Ceylon black tea is used as the raw material. After being cooked, the milk tea is mixed in a unique way. Through the process of bumping, the products can keep the strong tea flavor, which makes the bubble tea, mellow, smooth and long aftertaste, besides, different tastes and sweetness can be prepared according to personal preferences. Due to its uniquely delicious flavors, bubble tea has become one of the most representative beverages in Taiwan and neighboring Asian countries.

More Tea , an authentic bubble tea brand is founded in Finland and now has brought best bubble tea to Finland in 2020. We hope that we can promote bubble tea culture in Finland through our efforts, and at the same time bring the purest enjoyment to the Finnish people. We promise, you don't have to go to Taiwan, but you can enjoy the authentic bubble tea as well as preparation techniques to create a memorable experience with every cup . More Tea is more than a drink, it is a spirit, an extension, and our strong hope to promote tea culture through quality and service in Finland. Come and visit us – Your enjoyment will be the biggest support for us and we are happy to see the satisfaction on your face!

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